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Factions Rules

Hacked clients / Cheating


-Hacked clients are not permitted

-Mods that give you an advantage over other players are not permitted

-Abusing bugs to gain an eco advantage or faction advantage is not permitted

-Using macros to AFK farm or auto sell is strictly prohibited

-Glitching into bases in any way is not permitted , this includes any form of pearl glitching as well.


Base modifications / Clients/ Payout rules


-Bitch claims are not permitted ( any claim that prevents a faction from claiming out a full 25 chunk buffer during the first week will be removed )

-Buffers over 25 chunks from base wall are not permitted

-Modifying your base or walls in a way that makes conventional raiding impossible is not permitted

-Placing cob webs or torches on walls is not permitted

-Using tnt detectors, raid detecting clients or automated wall check bots is strictly prohibited ( any sand wall found with redstone will be removed )

-All Value must be placed in one central location, not small bases or small sets of claims scattered throughout the map

-You must place spawners 24 hours before ftop payout winners are announced. Place before Friday at 6pm in order to qualify on Saturday at 6pm.

-Any removal of spawners while being raided is not allowed. Unless the raiding faction has stopped firing for 10 minutes.

-Gen patching is strictly prohibited while being raided. You may gen patch once the raiding faction as stopped firing for 10 minutes.

-Claiming Corners , Factions are allowed 1 corner per world. Anymore than 1 corner claim in the same world will result in removal.


PvP Based


-Logging out of while Combat Tagged to prevent the loss of items / head is prohibited. (will remove rule once combat loggers come back)

-Using lightning wands to kill players through walls is considered glitching.


Botting, Scripting or Automated Work


-Any form of botting, scripting, automating or using macros is strictly prohibited on Factions.

-These are not allowed.

Spam Public Chat, Messages, Creating Factions and Disbanding them

Mining, Farming, Selling or Scripting



Cannon/Raiding Rules


-Cannon Speed limit is 5 seconds.

-Auto clocks, and sand comps are allowed.

-Shooting above 256 is not allowed.

-Roof cannoning is not allowed, unless it’s a player made a mistake. Such as the roof is to low.

-A faction can only use one cannon concurrently (one cannon firing at any one time).

-You are allowed one raid claim per base limited to a 7x7 claim.

-A cannon may not have more then 2 sand comps.

-You are only ALLOWED to fire at a cannon or base from one side at any one given time


2 months ago

Network wide Announcements

Hello everyone. After numerous players asking me to bring back StowawayMC I have decided to do so. More updates will be posted here for you guys in the future!

2 months ago